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Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel

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With the desire to share the option of Wellness with others,

we extend our personalized services and create experiences,

so you may attract a sense of well-being into your life.

Hosting Your Retreat in Bali

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Bali Yoga Travel desires to extend their services to the retreat leader who plans to host their retreat in Bali.

We are constantly exploring around the island seeking those ideal venues that are conducive to offer the

ideal settings and elements for a successful retreat. Our havens are found scattered in various corners throughout Bali. We can assist you in customizing the experience to what is requested. We have venues

to propose for various budgets. Our vast selection of venues expands to all corners of Bali, offering a

selection of options for the retreat leader that is seeking for that perfect setting in Bali to host their retreat.

Feel free to contact us for more possible venues that may not be listed on our web-site. We are here to

assist you in creating that memorable retreat while visiting Spiritual Bali. Come live the Wellness experience.

Some of our most popular venues to host a retreat in Bali

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Nature's Resort in Ubud Nature's Resort in Ubud Valley View Cottages & Villa near Ubud Valley View Cottages & Villa near Ubud Bay View Resort in North Bali Bay View Resort in North Bali More options.....

For the Individual Traveler


Bali Wellness Retreat assists the individual traveler by offering Well-being experiences to the traveler who visits Bali. These journeys are created as a way of self discovery through experiencing the nature of inner balance and well-being while visiting the island of Bali, Indonesia.

With an extensive network within the local healing community, along with the

professional for a background in travel and events coordination, we seek to facilitate to you the feeling of being renewed and more aware of the a possible wellness based lifestyle for your future. Please join us on a discovery of new possibilities by giving your body, mind and soul the gift of Wellness. Do not hesitate to contact us to explore the options.

Some of our MOST Popular Wellness Programs , Activities & Services

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& Excursions

Spaces for Group


Weight Loss


Detox & Cleanses Detox & Cleanses Weight Loss Programs Weight Loss Programs Spaces for Group Gatherings Spaces for Group Gatherings Ceremonies & Excursions Ceremonies & Excursions
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Do not hesitate to contact us at:

[email protected] or connect via our Contact Form.