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All About Us

All About Us

Bali Wellness Retreat was originally founded as Body and Mind Retreats.

It was conceptualized by the inspiration of our own personal growth and our desire to connect deeply with people interested in living a transformative experience.

Our combined years of experience within the hospitality and events coordinating field provide you with a professional service.

Why Bali?

With the abundance of spirituality practiced by the Balinese and the natural landscapes that surround us, Bali is an ideal location to host a wellness retreat. Bali offers the energy to focus on one’s own healing into Wellness.


Andrea started working in the leisure/corporate travel and events planning while living in Paris in the late 1980’s. She was blessed with the opportunity to travel all around the world while coordinating travel groups.

She move back to the USA in the late 1990’s, where she met a Buddhist Monk that inspired great changes in her life.

After living a shift towards consciousness, she decided to Let Go of what was considered her Comfort Zone, and decided to traveled around the world on a Sabbatical Journey to ‘walk the talk’ and winded up living in Bali in 2003. There she explored the various alternative methods of healing, leading her to encounter a nutritionist, who guided her during a 1 year cleanse.

In living the result of this lifestyle transformation, she found that she had inspired many. But she also found that many needed guidance in following the same path. In that moment, she conceptualized Body and Mind Retreats which later became Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel.

The Jewel Indonesia Team

Wayan is a Balinese with more than 20 years experience in the travel and hospitality industry.

He has worked with companies such as Biwa Tours, Marintur, Bali Go Tours and is the sale representative of Smaragd Reizen in Holland.

After Andrea and Wayan met, he decided to create Jewel Indonesia which provides unique travel experiences & excursion in Bali and beyond. 

Together they offer their talents in creating memorable experience while visiting the Island of the Gods, Bali.

If you would like to explore the additional experiences while visiting Indonesia, please feel free to visit:

These activities may also be added to your retreat in Bali!

Jack's Bali Adventure Team


When creating experiences full of adventure, having a team that supports the group is a vital ingredient.

After working many years with the cruise lines across the world, Jack decided to come back to his native village and start offering tours.

He and his team are a key player for some of our amazing excursions.



We would like to thank Akhil and Max for the endless hours that they put into assisting us in re-creating our web-site!

Thanks to these guys, we are now mobile friendly!

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