Bali Wellness Retreat has gone through some shifts and changes, since it was originally conceived as Body and Mind Retreats. As the original conceptual founders and in our desire to re-align with our intentions, we have re-created ourselves as Bali Wellness Retreat and have partnered with those who support us in this quest with integrity.

Here are some comments from the lovely people who have trusted our team in the present and in the past in guiding them to experience the option of Wellness.

We thank you all for having the courage to have faith in us!


We were a group of twenty, spending a week at the Candidasa Resort for a combination of learning workshops, local experiences, and a general retreat.

The Bali Wellness Retreat Team were good listeners, focusing always on how they might be able to exceed our hopes and expectations from inception to conclusion.

They were demonstrably competent in everything from local knowledge, advice on activities, door-to-door transport, venue options, and many other details that we didn’t think to think of. We felt safe, organized, and reassured throughout, making it possible for everyone to just be enjoying themselves in their own way.

The Team are ambassadors to the magnificence of Bali, and best-in-class hospitality professionals; they don’t just run events, they enable life-enriching opportunities.


Andy - September 2022

Provider, ACAST Singapore


I am beyond grateful for the support that we received from Bali Wellness Retreat in organizing our three-week retreat in Bali.

The Bali Wellness Retreat team made sure that all of the details were managed beautifully so that our retreat staff could concentrate on teaching.

The water purification ritual and the fire ceremony were beautiful and powerful.

The logistics of traveling with a group of 18 throughout Bali went very smoothly.

Everyone had a wonderful, sacred time.
We couldn’t have done it without Bali Wellness Retreats. 

I’m looking forward to planning retreats with them for many years to come.

I can not recommend them highly enough.


Roger Sams - August 2019

Music and Movement Educator, Sacred Arts Holistic Center in Cleveland, Ohio USA

I’m just writing to thank you very much for all your help on the Bali trip.  All your suggestions were spot on.  We had the dilemma of not knowing which of the four hotels we stayed at we liked better. Each was wonderful and different. I liked staying off the beaten path as well.

And Jack was easy to work with as well.
Again, thank you for making Bali wonderful and I wish you the best of luck in Bali and with your expansion to Latin America!


Sarah L. Voisin - May, 2019

Staff Photojournalist, @ The Washington Post

I was extremely pleased with absolutely everything,
It was a beautiful and transformational experience, thank you so much for your patience and all your help.


Rachel Gilmore - Nov. 2018

Personal Freedom Coach , USA

Thank you for all of your help, knowledge and assistance. You’ve been truly wonderful to deal with.

Many thanks,

Tara Meegan - September, 2018

Eliyah Manager & Practitioner, Australia

Just wanted to write a couple of words of appreciation.

I and my wife together want to thank you for all the help you provided us in making our trip to Bali a huge success.
We were extremely happy with your driver,  Made and so fortunate to have met him, he is a wonderful and very humble person. From the moment we got in contact with him, he made sure we were taken care off, he put himself at our service and was very helpful throughout our stay in Bali. We got to know a lot from him and the Balinese culture. He showed us and took us to many places that were formidable, I’m sure we missed many, but that only means that we will have to make another trip to see all that we missed.

The hotel was great. I have to say they really put up a great birthday setting for my wife. From the room decorations to the dinner at the restaurant. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures and it was absolutely beautiful and impressive.

You guys put me up in the run for husband of the year. LOL ?

So again, thanks for your help Bali Wellness Retreat and I hope some day I can return the favor if you are ever in my side of the world.

Big hug from us,

Giovanni and Tatiana

Giovanni and Tatiana - Feb. 2018

Virginia, USA

I cannot thank you enough for your time and attention to detail and the care you showed Susan and Lisa and the ladies these last two years. You are amazing and very very good at what you do,

Till another time. Blessings, .love and light.


Jen Cushman, November 2017

Arizona, USA

From our first interactions via email our experience with Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel was excellent.

They patiently and skillfully helped us choose the venues and excursions to meet our vision of the yoga holiday we wanted to offer!

Upon arrival the service exceeded our expectations. The accommodations and meals were outstanding. We attended two very powerful events: a water purification ceremony and a fire ceremony.

Other highlights included rafting, a day at white beach, and walking tours through rice fields, the jungle and a local village!

All in all it was a trip of a lifetime. We would definitely recommend Bali Wellness Retreat & Yoga Travel to anyone planning a yoga/ wellness holiday in Bali.

With great appreciation

Jan and Shauna, May 2017

Yoga Centre Winnipeg, Canada

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did organizing everything for our recent retreat. Your team took so much pain and time out of the planning process and you provided us with a perfect venue for 7 days of relaxation and contemplation. Your meticulous requirements were evident in the choice of venue which was serene and well appointed. The yoga shala was well equipped and provided a welcoming cocoon for the group and the staff bent over backwards to accommodate us wherever possible. The snorkeling guide you recommended was a marvel. He even taught me how to snorkel properly, a task no one else has been able to achieve. His peaceful aura and positive approach wooed us all. The purification ceremony was a very personal experience. The lunch there was amazingly delicious as well as aesthetically beautiful. Your team was so thorough, thinking through many of the contingencies before I had even thought of them.

Thank you so much. I would definitely use your services again to help me plan future retreats. Thanks again.

Debra Walker, June 2016


Bali Wellness Retreat, was excellent to work with. I recently took 9 women from Canada over to Bali for a yoga retreat.

Our retreat specialized in Therapeutic & Restorative yoga. Bali Wellness made sure we had everything we needed at our resort.

The tours they planned for us where excellent. The guides where knowledgeable and fun. All of my students where very pleased about their accommodations, the food, tours and retreat. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Brenda Cartier, Match 2016

Exhale Yoga Studio, Cranbrook, B.C. Canada

Thank you so much for a very smooth and epic journey in Bali. I keep getting raves from all of my students that attended. You were wonderfully solid.
Michelle Baker, Feb 2016

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Founder of Swan River Yoga in New Orleans, Yoga Teacher Training Director, New Orleans

The staff from Bali Wellness Retreat was great to work with, they were clear in their communications, and knows the details to what needs to get done or suggests possibilities. I appreciate their ability to be a liaison between cultures, and venues, having her assistance is invaluable.. They are really a pleasure to work with.

Thanks For everything Bali Wellness Retreat!

Sequoia, Dec 2015

200 & 300 hours Yoga Teacher Trainings, Canada

I recently utilized the services of Bali Wellness Retreat to assist me to run a women’s textile arts retreat in Ubud.

From the start, they worked closely with me to ensure I selected the most appropriate venue for my group, making numerous invaluable suggestions and offering helpful tips.  They undertook all the necessary negotiations with the resort before our retreat and then during our week, checked in with me both in person and by phone to ensure things were running smoothly.

As part of our package with Bali Wellness Retreat, my group and I participated in a private and very moving water purification ceremony followed by a magnificent meal. This beautiful experience was the perfect start to our group’s week together and I am grateful to Bali Wellness Retreat for facilitating it.

I highly recommend Bali Wellness Retreat if you are looking to host a retreat in Bali and need someone on the ground to pave the way – my retreat was so successful I have already booked in with them for next year.

Susan, Oct 2015

Retreat | Recreate, Melbourne, Australia

Absolute bliss and perfection ! We are so honored to be here in Bali, thank u for your efforts Bali Wellness Retreat Team and connecting the puzzle pieces for our most epic adventure.
Robacharya aka Rob Dill on behalf of Swan River Yoga, Feb 2015

New Orleans, USA

We want to thank Bali Yoga Travel for all their help in organizing the retreat. It would not have been possible without their help. Everything went along smoothly and the retreat participants really enjoyed themselves and had many positive reviews. Here are some of the common comments.

The Valley View Cottages and Villa near Ubud was beautiful and the staff were very extremely accommodating and helpful with all the participants requests. The vegetarian food at the resort was very fresh and amazingly delicious. They could not pin point exactly what it was but they have not tasted such delicious vegetarian food in Singapore.

The cooking class very informative and the participants really benefited a lot from it. The Lunch and the Kombucha drink that was given to them was very delicious as well.

Once again thank you for all your help and hope to work with you again in the future.

Zikri Ali, Aug 2014

Ohm Santih Yoga Studio, Singapore

Once again thank you very much for organizing the visit with the healer which allowed a very profound experience.

The session with the Balinese healer was very enriching and brought everything into my awareness again that is essential for me to move on to the next level! Me and my mum we loved connecting with you and from the time you, my mum and me met everything was just in the flow and filled with passion  😉 Thank you for having the courage and doing what you do… far away from the often traveled mainstream.

Those who are ready will enjoy the experience you offer as they are meant to open up, enrich and lift up their experience of themselves and the world in and around them… we are all one 🙂

Angelika Fürstler, Nov 2014

Vegan Lifestyle Educator & Motivational Speaker / Founder of VEGAN.SUPER.YACHT™ / Creator of the BOUNCE-CAMP™ Holistic Fitness Lifestyle Cote D’Azur, France ~ Monaco ~ Austria

Back in USA, I wanted to say thanks for the amazing tours in Bali, I really enjoyed my trip. I will remember this trip always and will recommend you for sure when my friends plan a trip to Bali.
Adriana Lara, April 2014

Miami, Florida, USA

This trip has been absolutely FANTASTIC. Your planning and recommendations have all been excellent! Drivers are efficient, very knowledgeable and have answered our many questions – all smiles. Thanks again!
Karen Roth, April 2014

New Zealand & Florida, USA

I had dreams of bringing our yoga students to Bali for many years and was delighted to find Bali Wellness Retreat to help me plan the excursions I was dreaming of, as I had never been to Bali myself.  It is always my goal to provide authentic experiences when I take students on International Yoga Adventures where they get a chance to find  secret treasures that you can not find in Lonely Planet or mainstream internet media listings.

When I met the director, Andrea and advised her as to my hopes of finding true authentic healing experiences that were diverse, local and profound, she had just in mind numerous day packages, valuable connections to good people and paradisaical locations.

My yoga students constantly commented that this trip became a gem because of all of the adventures we went on after our early morning yoga, chanting and meditations, all stream lined, well organized and with friendly professional guides and help. From hiking in the rice fields with the Balinese to the secret beaches that mostly locals knew about to appointments with local Priests for purification ceremonies, our excursions revealed the many diverse aspects of a true healing and cultural experience, which is what yoga is. I recommend accessing Bali Wellness for all of your plans and transportation.

You will rest at ease in trust, creativity and high quality. It was one of the best retreats I have ever offered or been on because of finding Bali Wellness and the students unanimously agreed. It was so wonderful we plan to come back again next year.

Michelle Baker, March 2014

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Founder of Swan River Yoga in New Orleans, Yoga Teacher Training Director

I’d just like to thank you again for the amazing work you put into making sure our retreat was wonderful… you went above and beyond the call of duty with making sure we got the best experience and local knowledge possible… thank you so much!
Casey Conroy, March 2014


During 2007, I was diagnosed to have a tumor in my uterus. My doctor suggested having it removed right away since it was close to five cm in diameter.  Several months prior to that, my friend Andrea who lives in Bali had visited me in Ecuador. I was surprised to see how healthy she looked. Her new philosophy about eating and the awareness of the effects of food, environment, ways of cooking and state of mind intrigued me. So, when my doctor mentioned the word operation, I came to her to organize a second opinion with a macrobiotics specialist.

A three-hour consultation with her was a complete learning experience. She checked everything, hair, finger nails, skin, eyes, even a recount on breast feeding and previous operations. At the end, what I thought to be healthy wasn’t for me and most of the things that were suggested to eat I had not ever heard about before.  I did specific treatments for the month that I was in Bali, and followed for three months at home. When I saw my doctor again he noticed that the tumor had reduced its size and it had encapsulated itself. Eventually, the tumor disappeared. I know now that we are responsible for the caring of our own bodies and that we can give ourselves the opportunity to heal by opening our minds and hearts to change, pampering and awareness.


Islas Galápagos – Ecuador

Before traveling to Bali I was feeling stuck, stressed out, afraid. I was very unhappy at work and wanted to change job but was unable to find out what I really love to do.

Like many others in NY, I was very tired and without any energy, feeling completely ‘burned out’. So I decided to leave New York City and spend a month in Bali. A friend recommended me Body and Minds Retreat’s workshop ‘Releasing the Emotional Blockages from Within’.

I chose to participate in a set of five sessions based on my description of what was going on in my life and what I was hoping to accomplish before returning home. The facilitator thought me techniques to release bad feelings of sadness, regret, anger I was carrying for many years.

I learned to be more compassionate towards myself and how to let go of feelings of fear, confusion or self-punishment. After our first session, I was filled with deep feelings of happiness, peace, and joy! I could not believe how happy I was. I learned more about myself in five session in this program then with over a year of therapy in NY.

These sessions helped me to take control of my thoughts, my energy, and my life. Today, I practice the exercises I learned every morning. I also do yoga and meditation and I am learning more about Ayurveda. I absolutely recommend these workshops for anyone who is willing to be healed, who is looking for a deeper connection with herself and who wants to live fully with love and fierceness. Thank you!

Katie, Aug 2012


“With a tremendous amount of love and pride, we have witnessed closely how Andrea has followed through with her dedication of learning the healing aspects of food and alternative healing methods. After living a full year under our nutritional guidance, she embodied the results and developed an in depth knowledge of which, inspired her to be the original creator of Body and Mind Retreats.

In combining her expertise as an events coordinator, a passion for wellness, she has shared her experience with others by assisting them to participate in Wellness programs and heal certain imbalances in their lives. She has also assisted retreat leaders who have needed assistance while visiting Bali in creating their optimal Wellness retreat.

In her perseverance to continue with her intentions and beliefs, she has re-created Body and Mind Retreats as Bali Wellness Retreat.

After several years of having a close interaction and relationship with the services that she provides, we are proud of our collaboration with the Bali Wellness Retreat concept, for the integrity and intentions of which it follows.

We are also very proud of the many collaborations we have created together and will continue to do so.”

Liat Salomon, Sept 2013

Founder, Down to Earth Bali

Our blessing wedding celebration organized  by Bali Wellness Retreat was a unique, finely tailored, spiritual experience within an authentic Balinese atmosphere.

We were pleasantly surprised with the highly detailed level of organization, and with the blessing ceremony itself. Every little detail was unique & well thought: from the photographer, makeup artist & dress girls, the decoration, dancers, priest, venue set up, the wonderful dinner finely tuned with the Gambelan musicians and performers, everything was perfect!  Our wedding was a unique celebration that we will never forget. We encourage anyone seeking an spiritual journey, to come and enjoy the magic Bali island with a unique, spiritual experience.

Emily & Gonzalo, June 2013


Ten days of cleansing and I’ve never felt more alive! My hair is shinier, my skin more radiant and my eyes are no longer surrounded by dark gloomy circles. My body is happy and thanking me for it! What I love most about this detox is that it also cleanses the soul and you’re left feeling so much more at peace with yourself than when you started. I recommend this to anyone looking to getaway, to start over, to de-stress or to simply do your body an awesome favor- it’ll definitely love you for it! Thanks to The Bali Wellness Team and all the awesome Villa staff for providing me with a home and all the support I needed to make this change P.S. the green juices are delicious!
Noor Murad, Aug 2013

Manama, Bahrain

I came from Guadeloupe to Bali for vacation, to discover, to visit, to rest but as well to try to have an emotional, body and mind experiences. I carried some personal problems, not easy to digest, not easy to let it go….

There are so many choices and options that people are suggesting to do, so at the beginning I was a little bit lost to find by myself towards the right direction; what should I do, what do I need to help myself, who I can trust ???

I met with Body and Mind retreats, in person and I explain to them what I was looking for. They were able to completely understand my needs and they proposed me a Discover Your Inner Goddess session with their facilitator. She guided me in the perfect direction.

It was an amazing experience. I spend 3 hours concentrating on my body, my story, myself….the facilitator guided in a very interesting and strange way….sometimes a little bit weird, but everything she ask me to do made sense….and it worked.

It was very personal, very deep, very intense…..I had the session 3 days ago and I now feel completely better, better with myself, better in front of my situation, I feel stronger and I really feel lighter. It is sometimes very hard to open our self but I have done it, and believe me, it works ! Every woman should try it once…Thanks to the Body and Mind Retreats Team for the new power I found in myself !!!

Karine, Aug 2012


I had a really incredible Discover your Inner Goddess workshop and I loved it. I came home feeling like a changed woman, and I wanted all my friends to have the opportunity to meet with your facilitator. I wish that all women would be able to share in a similar experience. It helped me feel much more centered in myself. It also helped me to find this source of beautiful female energy and self love within myself. I have taken a lot of the information I learned into my everyday life and I feel that it has strongly helped me to grow and feel good. I feel that the workshop has been life changing. It helped me ask myself some serious questions about myself. Most importantly, it helped me open up to a beautiful part of myself and gave me practices to further work with. I did not know what to expect, and I am so glad that I was able to do the workshop!
Marissa, July 2012


Life has been very great after Bali. We have kept on eating all macrobiotic food and absolutely loving it. I have continued to loose weight after the Weight Loss Program and feeling very healthy. Mum has loved all the food and now does all her shopping at the local organic shops. Our stay in Bali was fantastic, there is nothing I would have changed everything was perfectly organized. We really loved the accommodation, gym, cafe and the nutritionist.
Anna Bough, April 2012


I would be very happy in recommending your services in future to anyone needing similar guidance as myself. I really enjoyed the Spiritual Healing Week , my accommodation at the Spiritual Mountain Retreat in East Bali and the program in place for the week. The staffs they have are really nice and helpful. Such a wonderful suggestion. Any future return trip would probably see me return there and to the East Coast. Thank you for your gift and time.

Mary Derrig, Jan 2012


I want to express my great satisfaction with the services provided by Body & Mind Retreats to our company. They helped us to organize a spiritual and educational event attended by 54 participants from China. I found the staff of Body & Mind Retreats very professional, hardworking, attentive and easy to communicate with. I would recommend to any company that needs assistance in organizing events in the beautiful island of Bali, to use the services of Body & Mind Retreats. With their hard work they have earned my trust and appreciation.

David Blanco, Dec 2011

Employee, Dayubindu - China

Sending love to a fabulous team! Thank you for all the loving support and energy you are putting into helping True Retreats with Vanessa Jean to create the perfect week-long retreat in the mystical and magical Bali ♥

you are fabulous, we highly recommend you and your services; you certainly go above and beyond to co-create the perfect retreat.

Namaste xxx

Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, Sept 2011

Director of EarthQuest Institute - Australia

I had the very fortunate opportunity of meeting Body and Mind Retreats while traveling in Bali this past August. Their in-depth knowledge of the island coupled with their organizational skills made my trip both personally rewarding and incredibly enjoyable.

They were able to guide my travels allowing me to see parts of Bali that most don’t. In addition, they orchestrated my own personal cleanse with great attention to my individual needs and offered amazing support. Not taking advantage of their knowledge and skills while visiting Bali would be a mistake.

Jennifer McCarthy, Aug 2011

New York, USA

As a company that puts on multiple personal development and meditation seminars every year, we decided we wanted to try something a little different and combine our transformational coursework with a customized tour to an exotic, spiritually-rich destination. The beautiful island of Bali called to us, so we got to work with the arrangements and before we knew it had 25 people signed up. However, due to various unforeseen circumstances, we found ourselves a few months out from the date of the retreat without any confirmed accommodations or itinerary.

Luckily for us, Body and Mind Retreats reached out prior to that and offered their assistance if needed. We quickly reached out to them and, within two weeks, had all of the accommodations confirmed at absolutely stunning resort centers featuring warm and professional staff and true wellness-oriented environments at very affordable prices. (On that note, be sure to check out Wellness Resort Outside Ubud for accommodations!) We could have not have selected more appropriate settings for the deeply personal and transformative work we intended for the group.

Before we knew it, with their meticulous eye and attention to detail, we also had a lovely itinerary with various cultural excursions planned, morning yoga sessions, massages and more, with Body and Mind Retreats taking great care to ensure all transportation and logistical needs were taken care of. We, the organizers, had never been to Bali before and were taking a large and diverse group of travelers to a third-world country, and were delighted with how everything turned out. The participants, too, were more than pleased – almost half signed up on the spot for our next destination event a year from then, which, if you’re familiar with the seminar industry, is quite the conversation rate!

Andrea IS professional, have excellent taste, will bend over backwards to fulfill any and all requests, and understand how to create an event that speaks to more than just fun and relaxation, but a true mind/body/spirit experience. We plan on returning to Bali for another meditation tour and will utilize their services again. Highly recommended!

Andrea Townley, June 2011

Employee, Morter Institute & HealthCenter - USA

Thank you so much for contributing to such a wonderful experience that I know will stay with me forever 🙂

Everything was so smooth and well thought out. I know how challenging planning a trip can be….I can’t even imagine what went on behind the scenes in order to make our trip happen so gracefully. The accommodations were absolutely magnificent, the sightseeing was lovely and the ceremony with the Hindu priest was truly magical.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have no constructive criticism for you…I thought it was all perfect.

Janet, June 2011


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