Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance


We, at Bali Wellness Retreat, believe in foreseeing the problems before they happen.


As much as we prefer to focus on the positive, we remain realistic of the possibilities and try to take precautions.


While traveling, things can happen, such as: connecting flights may get canceled; lost or delayed luggage; family emergencies; last-minute cancellations or even accidents.

We have also witnessed how costs can quickly rise if some sort of health care is needed while traveling abroad.


We have also felt the relief of being covered financially through Travel Insurance in moments of distress.


Even though we cannot force anyone to consider buying Travel Insurance, we HIGHLY recommend it.


There are several companies out there and we have tried a few. If your current insurance plan back at home does not cover your travel needs, in our searches we have found World Nomads offers a large selection of types of Travel Insurance Policies that you can purchase.


We do suggest reading the policy and purchase the plan that fits your needs best.

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