Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony & Meditation

the Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony & Meditation


One of the oldest spiritual healing practices or meditation practice of Hindu rituals related with agni/fire is agnihotra – the sacred homa.  The spiritual technique is a type of fire worship which was practiced by  Indian saints thousands of years back.


It is also known as small yagna  (Yagna is a form of fire-worship, but in larger scale).


Agnihotra homa can become a complimentary shakti or energy for us because all of us live in a very close relation with nature.

This ceremony is held to release negative energies and feelings.

After lighting a sacrificial fire ceremony 700 mantras will be sung while objects such as a coconut with offerings will be used as an item to focus your thoughts and feelings.

This ceremony is preformed to get rid of and burn these thoughts /feelings in the sacred fire.

After the ceremony, the participants will share a healthy 3-course Gourmet Dinner.  A Raw Food menu may be provided upon request.

The duration of this event is approximately 2-3 hours.

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