Bali: Life is an Offering

Private Screening for Groups

Screening of Bali: Life is an Offering

Share a private screening with your group retreat of this 90 minutes documentary film,
filled with luminous images of the island’s culture and natural beauty.


Bali: Life is an Offering explores the resplendent natural beauty, graceful people and age-old spiritual traditions that characterize this unique island, and the transformative effect they have on all who visit.

This documentary is inspired by the Balinese philosophical concept ‘tri hita karana’ — harmony between the divine, humankind and nature.

During this screening, you will discover about the people who live and work to preserve the unique beauty and culture of Bali in a positive way.

Shot with a rare luminosity and beauty, and featuring a fantastically evocative soundtrack by local artists using traditional chants, the film is a song in praise of ancient Balinese wisdom; homage to the richness of modern-day inter-cultural exchange; and a visionary celebration of how the “Island of the Gods” can evolve sustainably into the future.

It’s a magic that’s stitched into the everyday fabric of Balinese lives. It’s rooted in the ancient, and vibrantly alive in the present. It awakens all who are open to it, reminding them of what really matters. It has the power to change lives forever.

Bali Life is an Offering is an offering itself — an offering of gratitude for all that Bali was, is, and has the potential to be. Produced by an award-winning international team under the direction of Kim Kindersley.

This activity includes transportation and a vegetarian meal at Paradiso Ubud.

To see a preview of this documentary, please visit: Bali: Life is an offering

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