Exploring in & around

North West Bali

Exploring in and around NW Bali

Located in the far north western area of Bali is the village of Pemuteran and the Island of Menjangan National Park.

With its abundance of natural settings, temples, and the surrounding seas, any visitor may fill their day with experiences connecting to Mother Nature. Because of its distance from the more populated areas of Bali, this area offers the opportunity of living the peaceful, Balinese way of life.

It is approximately a 45 minutes drive from Lovina, 3 hours from Seminyak  and 2 hours from Ubud.

Some of the many activities that you can include in your retreat are:
horseback riding; jungle trekking; bicycling; bird watching; kayaking, and so much more!

Snorkeling and Visit to Menjangan Island

The Island of Menjangan is a short boat ride away from the coastal waters of Pemuteran.

It is a popular for diving and snorkeling. On this excursion, you will depart in the morning and land on the beach where you will be provided with snorkeling gear, and later with a lunch box for a picnic on the beach.

Snorkeling and Visit to Menjangan Island

You may take time out to visit one of what is believed to be oldest temple in Bali, Gili Kencana Temple, which dates from the Majapahit period.

Snorkeling and Visit to Menjangan Island

There are other three temples in this island, Klenting Sari Temple, Segara Giri Temple and Gajah Mada temple.  Hundreds of pilgrims visit and pay homage to these temples every day since the deities of these temples are well known for their generosity especially for the couple who want to have a child.

Snorkeling and Visit to Menjangan Island

Later during the day, you will visit the surrounding beaches by boat on the island.

Visits of Temples

This area of Bali has several sacred Temples to visit such as:

The Pulaki Temple, Pura Pabean and Pura Segara.
Visiting temples is one of the most important tradition in Balinese culture.

A day of excursion can be organized for your retreat.

Simply, Explore...!!

Because we love this area, we can not begin to express our passion for this location. This is still one of the very authentic areas of Bali where one can connect to nature and the genuine warm smiles of the people in this island.

Simply, Explore...!!

It is a great area for people to explore on their own or in a group excursion. The possibilities are endless. And so is the beauty!

Exploring In & Around Lovina

Because of its proximity, excursions and activities offered in and around Lovina may be combined.

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