Exploring in & around Sidemen

Exploring in and around Sidemen

This mystical farming village is a wonderful spiritual experience to add on to anyone’s visit or retreat during their stay in Bali. 

Spread out over three separate river valleys in the eastern part of Bali, this valley is perched 1,400 ft up, on the slopes of one of Bali’s most sacred mountains, Mont Agung , the highest in Bali .

Because of its spiritual and natural surroundings, Sidemen offers activities such as visiting one of its many neighboring Hindu Temples, attending a ceremony, walking through the lush of its abundant rice fields, interacting with the local farmers, or picking up some souvenirs at one of the homes of the traditional weavers. There are many photo opportunities here.

Sidemen is also an ideal place to simply experience peace and introspection.  We offer a choice of activities that may be combine together or experienced separately.

Balinese Blessing with a High Priest

This activity takes place within a traditional Balinese compound where the High Priest will perform a Purification Blessing that cleanses the soul and purifies the body.  It is requested that participants wear traditional Ceremony clothing, such as a sarong with a sash. Women menstruating cannot participate in this blessing, but may visit the home of the High Priest.

Village trek through a Traditional Village

Stroll through the nearby villages, stopping at the temples and sanctuaries that are important in this community are activities to consider.

During your walks you may also see local weaving production, both ‘Songket’ (ceremonial brocade produced at home on simple strap-looms) and ‘Ikat’ (produced in small family businesses on upright handlooms).

This experience allow you to fully emerge into the culture and is a fantastic opportunity for passionate photographers.

Session with a Balinese Healer

Have a session with a Balinese Healer who will assist you in balancing your chakras, to open the flow of energy in your body and cleanse your aura.

Temple Visit

This area of Bali is blessed with sacred temples such as the Besakih temple & Lempuyang Temple.  A day excursion can be coordinated for your group to visit these holiest places of worship in Bali.

A stop for lunch can also be added to this experience.

Other nearby temples can also be suggested, for a more private experience.

Exploring In & Around Candi Dasa

Because of it proximity, excursions and activities offered in and around Candi Dasa may be combined.

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