Cooking Class

Healthy Cooking Class


During these classes you will learn about the foods we eat and how they can reduce the risks of many chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer will be reviewed.


It’s been only in recent years, that researchers have taken into account of the role that diet has on the outcome of our health.


How to replace unhealthy sweeteners with healthier ones and how to prepare foods so to receive the most nutrients out of your fresh ingredients will be reviewed.


You may select from one of the sessions listed below. Each of these sessions lasts 3 hours. A minimum of 5 participants is required for these sessions to take place.

The cure is in the kitchen: This course is an introduction to many new ingredients and the ways to use them in your new kitchen. Learn about the health benefits of each ingredient and create an amazing meal full of healing nutrients.

Sugar Blues: Sugar cravings are addictive relationships to the body linked to sugar through incorrect upbringing through diet. The history of sugar and the effects it has on your body is an important piece of information in our day to day life. These sessions are ideal to the participants who has an interest on how to incorporate a healthy life style for those with or avoiding hypoglycemia, diabetics, alcoholism, etc

Lunch on the run: In this session, learning how to prepare fast healthy foods for the family and individuals will be taught through demonstrations.

Balinese desserts class: Quick and easy healthy desserts from the Island of Bali.

Hands on Festive Cooking: This is a fun cultural cooking class with recipes from around the world.

The Little Chef in me, Creative Cooking: Find your inner cook. This session is especially designed for those who never cooked. Participants will be divided into small groups to complete a menu and be creative with preparations. Learn how to create sauces, dips and a spreads.

Balinese cooking class: Balinese food is all about flavoring and colors. In this class you will prepare a local cultural feast.

Theory & Hands on: In this session the subject of Eating according to blood type in Macrobiotics will be discussed. Questions such as what does one have to eat if he or she is one blood type or another? And if a blood type O individual can be a vegetarian or not will be reviewed.

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