Your Face Never Lies

Your face never lies

Oriental medicine has evolved over several thousand years and is now widely practiced as a tool for alternative healing methods throughout the world. The underlying principles have remained unchanged over the centuries and the real aim of oriental healing is to encourage the prevention of disease rather than dealing with first aid situations.


A vital part of this fascinating system is the diagnostic methods that are used. If you have ever visited an acupuncturist or a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, they will always examine the pulses on your wrist, look at your tongue, listen to your voice, perhaps palpate the abdomen and ask you many questions about your diet, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, etc.


Part of the visual diagnosis that they all use is to look at discolorations, spots, blemishes, puffiness or dryness of the skin on the face; Each area of the face reveals the current health of the major internal organs and forms part of – not all – the diagnostic procedure.


In this workshop learn on how to diagnose your own health based on reading your face. By looking into a reflection of one’s face and understanding the basics of what lines, marks, discoloring, and facial features mean. It is suggested that you bring your own mirror to this workshop.


This workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and is available to group retreats staying in the area of Southern Bali or in Ubud.


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